How Do You Download Private Instagram Profile Pictures

Private Instagram profiles can be difficult to access, as the content is typically hidden from the public. Despite this, it is possible to download private Instagram profile pictures if you know the right approach. This article will discuss the various ways you can download these hidden images.

1. Introduction to Private Instagram Profile Pictures

What are Private Profile Pictures?

Private profile pictures are images that are associated with a user’s profile, visible only to the user in question and their approved followers. Instagram users with private profile pictures will only share their images with their followers, preventing them from being seen and shared by anyone else. As a result, private profile pictures are more secure than regular profile pictures, as they are not visible to anyone beyond the user and people they explicitly approve.

Why Use Private Profile Pictures?

There are many reasons someone might opt to use private profile pictures on their Instagram profile. People may want to ensure that their images cannot be shared by anyone else, that they are only seen by approved followers. This can be helpful for users who want to portray a certain image but want to maintain their online privacy and avoid the potential misuse of their images. Additionally, many people use private profile pictures when managing multiple accounts so that other accounts are unable to access their images.

How to Make Private Profile Pictures

Making a private profile picture on Instagram is a simple process. All you have to do is open your settings menu and click on “Privacy and Security”. From there, you can select the “Profile Picture” option and toggle the option to “Private”. Once this is activated, only approved followers will be able to view the profile picture associated with your account.

Additionally, you may wish to make the profile pictures of any accounts you follow private as well. This can be done by selecting the “Followers” option in the Privacy and Security settings. Here, you can toggle the “Followers of private accounts” option to “Friends”. Doing this ensures that all accounts that you follow have a private profile picture and can only be seen by approved followers.

2. Understanding the Limitations of Private Instagram Profile Pictures

When it comes to Instagram profile pictures, you should know that in regards to private profiles, you do not have full control of your picture’s visibility.
This means that your account settings have a significant impact on who can see your profile picture. Your profile picture may be seen by the following:

  • Your followers: Everyone who follows you will be able to see your picture.
  • Non-followers: Non-followers may be able to see your profile picture in certain cases, such as if they’ve been looking at your profile page.

One limitation of private profiles is that you cannot list your profile picture in searches. So even if a non-follower finds your profile page, they are not able to see your profile picture unless they follow you. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with your followers in order to maximize the visibility of your profile picture.

Furthermore, private accounts are unable to share their profile pictures with anyone who is not following them. This means that private profile pictures do not have the potential for going viral, and it puts a limit on how much publicity these photos can get. It’s also important to note that private accounts are not eligible for verification, which will prevent some potential followers from being able to find your profile.

3. Downloading Private Instagram Profile Pictures

How It works Without Downloading an App

There are multiple ways for without using applications. The most convenient way to do this is by using third-party websites such as, which can be visited for free. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the said website
  • Type in the Instagram handle of the user whose picture you wish to download
  • Enter Captcha as requested
  • Then click on the ‘Go’ option to get the profile picture of that user
  • Finally click on the ‘Save’ option to save the profile picture on your device.

Apart from third-party websites, you can also choose to make use of a simple Instagram browser extension in order to download profile pictures from private accounts. It mainly works on Google Chrome and higher versions. The steps are similar and easy to follow.

  • Download the said extension on your Chrome browser
  • After that, search the Instagram handle of the user whose profile picture you wish to download
  • Right click on the profile picture
  • Choose to ‘save image as…’.
  • Finally save the picture in the desired location on your computer.

4. Alternative Methods for Viewing Private Instagram Profile Pictures

As the popularity of Instagram continues to increase, so do the methods for looking up information about other users. While you can’t view the entire profile of someone who’s set their account to private, this doesn’t mean all information is inaccessible. There are still , some of which may require a bit more effort than others.


  • The simplest way to view a private picture on Instagram is to take a screenshot of it. After finding the image you wish to capture, pressing the two buttons corresponding to your device’s “volume down” and “lock” keys simultaneously should capture the image. This will save the image in your device’s memory and you’ll be able to access it later on.

Third-Party Apps

  • Another way to view a private Instagram profile picture is to use third-party apps like FreeViewer, InstaLooker, and so on. These apps allow you to enter the person’s username and return various pieces of information, including profile pictures and stories. However, many of these are unreliable and potentially dangerous, so it’s important to do thorough research before downloading any of them.

Browser Extensions

  • Certain web browsers feature browser extensions and add-ons that allow you to access information from private accounts. These extensions are similar to third-party apps, in that they’re able to provide results based on the user’s username. Similarly to third-party apps though, it’s important to be careful when installing these extensions, as they could potentially expose your own data.

5. Conclusion

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Downloading private Instagram profile pictures is a great way to capture special moments and share them with loved ones. With the right method and enough caution, you can easily download any desired images or videos from private Instagram profiles. Remember, always be mindful when accessing the private accounts of others and use protective measures to keep your own account safe.