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View Private Instagram Profiles with Pictures Videos and Comments. Get Full Access to any Private or Locked Instagram Profile in a Matter of Seconds.

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Want To Know Exactly How to See Private Instagram Account

With this Instagram Viewer, If Someone blocked you, or you don’t have permission to see someone’s content? We offer you a way to bypass that. We created a unique software that can help you to see locked or blocked profiles easily and most importantly without downloading the software. Use the latest Instagram private account viewer, it’s free and takes only 1 minute to complete the process. 

View Private Profiles

View the locked profiles and the profiles that are kept the privacy to private. View All the contents in the profile. 

View All Photos

With this tool you can view all the photos that the target has shared in his or her private Instagram profile. Thanks to Instagram Viewer.

View All Videos

Using our Instagram Viewer you can now see even videos that have been shared or liked in the target’s profile and even download them.

View All Comments

Now read all the comments that have been commented in picture or videos or even the target has commented in someone else’s pictures and videos.

View All Shares

Keep track of any activity the person is doing. All the shares and reshares in Instagram by the help of this Private Instagram Profile Viewer. 

View All Activities

Private Instagram Profile Viewer lets you to view all the activities of the person’s profile. This is really helpful to keep look out for your loved ones. 


How to Use Our Tool?

This is the best tool that you can find in any place. This is a great tool to view Instagram profile. The perfect Instagram Viewer. Now to use this tool please follow the instructions below. This will make your work easy.

Step 1: Go to the tool page using the above button.
Step 2: Enter the Target’s Username.
Step 3: Confirm the User by looking at the details.
Step 4: Choose what you want to view.
Step 5: Let the tool do the work.
Step 6: View the picture or profile after verification.

Note: You will not be able to use this tool without verification. So Please do not forget to verify yourself.


Know More About Our Tool

Our effort and our programmers have dedicated a long time to make this tool possible. And we are giving this to the public to get access for free. Please do not misuse this tool.

Private Insta Viewer is a unique tool that allows you to unlock private profiles on Instagram, while staying anonymous. We Private Instagram Viewer are a team of 5 developers who constantly work to improve user experience of social networks. We are mostly doing boring stuff but this is something that we wanted to do for long time.

We hope that this is going to help many people out there.


What is Private Insta Viewer?

Instagram is second most used application and while a lot of users keep their profiles and photos unlocked, there are those who are trying to have private profiles. As you already know if you want to have a look at the photos of users with private accounts first you would need to send a request to that person to ask him/her to give you approval to be their follower. We can all admit that sometimes out of curiosity or some other reason we just want to have a glance at someone’s photos without following them. We are proud to announce that we have a solution for you! Our Instagram viewing tool will help you with all that, and allow you to access these private accounts and photos.


Why Trust Our Tool?

If you are accessing this page with your PC, Mac, Android or iOS, don’t worry since our app is compatible with all smart devices and it doesn’t require any software installation in order to unlock someone’s private Instagram profile.

Other providers might ask you to give some personal information, register to their website or make you download sketchy software, with us process to start using hack is simple with only target’s URL needed for it to work.

One more thing we are trying to offer to our users is anonymity. Accessing profiles and downloading data can’t be traced back to you because we have a special feature which enables you to visit target’s profile via proxy and all connections are encrypted as we launch our new version as well.

What Our Users Say

Tani Tondi

Today it’s hard to connect with your kids because of new technologies and trends, they seems to be always on their phones. I used Instagram Spy to look what my daughter was doing and now I understand her better and how she’s going through her teen age.

Kati Jerry

Thanks to I confirmed my suspicions that my girlfriend was cheating on me. You saved me from spending time with someone who does’t appreciate me. Thanks a lot!

Sana Sanhi

Thank you so much as I was able to trace what my ex boyfriend was sharing in his instagram and I was shocked to find out that he was sharing some private photos of our personal time in the past. With the help of this tool I was able to make him remove all those pictures.

Special Instagram Viewer

Why Use Our Instagram Viewer?

A common question why I should use this tool to view private Instagram. We get this question asked a lot but let us tell you why you should choose our tool for your need. As already we have discussed in our features section already what you will get from this device and it is 100% safe. But let us assure you that this is only working private Instagram profile viewer that you will find all across the internet. We have been working very hard to give what the users want. Please read the following points to get what Private Insta Viewer stand for.

  • This works without any doubt.
  • You will be anonymous. So no one in the world could know who is viewing my private Instagram.
  • Gives you a chance to download their photos as well.
  • Very highly effective and complex algorithm is used to create this online tool.
  • Millions of people have used this and we get thousands of daily satisfied users.
  • Please read the testimonials section for what our users have to say. There are more reviews but we cannot all post them in our site.
  • Viewing private Instagram has never made so easy.

We are proud of what we do as we bring this tool as a service to the world who go through a lot of hassle and waste their time.

Us and Users

Team & Support

Our Team work day and night to bring new features daily

they are the ones who makes all these things happen. We as a team are really much proud to give all the tools and resources out to the public for free. This makes things simpler for all users. They say how do make this happen. We say it is because of our team, our dedication, and our hard work.

We are available most of the time to help any of the users online. So, if you get into any problem please do not hesitate to leave us a message we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We are also humans who have our daily life. But we are quick to help the people in a time of need.

Happy Users

Our users are the most satisfied users you can find as they get the results that they are looking for. They get to view private Instagram profiles and pictures as they please. This is definitely the most powerful tool you can get a hand on.

We are here to keep our users happy and get what they have been searching for. Many of the people are there just to take advantage but we as a community are here to provide the best to the users and build a healthy relationship for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to download the app?

Our Instagram viewing tool works online and you don’t have to download anything just follow the instructions.

Can my Instagram profile get affected by using this app?

Your personal information is not required in the app interface, only your target’s information is required, so you are safe, nothing can be traced back to you.

Is there a limit on how many profiles I can view?

There is no limit, you can browse as much as you like, but we recommend deleting your browser history after viewing 100 profiles.

Can I get caught using this app?

Don’t worry our app allows you to browse Instagram anonymously so no one will know who you are.


Version 9.65

  1. New System Available.
  2. Security system upgraded to advanced core security.
  3. Fixed Calculation issue.
  4. Minors issued fixed.
  5. Changed algorithm of application as a change in new Instagram.
  6. Installed new features.

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