What Happens To Your Instagram Followers When You Go Private

In today’s world where social media has become an integral part of many people’s lives, it is important to understand the implications of various features offered by various platforms. Everyone is aware of the concept of privacy and its importance on social media platforms. Instagram, one of the world’s most popular photo-sharing platforms, offers its users to protect their account by making it ‘private’. This article aims to discuss what options are available to an Instagram user when they switch their account to private, and the effects it has on their followers.

1. What is the Impact of Making an Instagram Account Private?

The ever-growing presence of social media has made it one of the most integral parts of our lives. For many, Instagram is their preferred platform — either for networking, expressing their creativity, showing off their skills, or simply enjoying content from others. As such, some users may be interested in making their account private. This can help preserve their privacy and control which followers can view, like and comment on their posts.

Making an Instagram account private can dramatically impact how users interact with the platform. For instance, the user will only be able to receive followers who have been manually approved. Additionally, posts that the user has already made will no longer be visible to people who are not approved followers. As a result, it is important for users to keep in mind that their content may no longer reach its intended audiences unless the account is publicly visible. Below are some important points to consider when making an account private:

  • Publicity: Making an account private may prevent some users from being able to see posts or stories even if they have been following the user.
  • Interaction: When an account is private, potential followers must request permission to follow the user. This could reduce the user’s following count, as well as the amount of likes and comments received on posts.
  • Content: Depending on the user’s privacy settings, posts can only be seen by approved followers, not by those who the user has blocked or removed from the account.

In conclusion, making an Instagram account private can be a great way to protect user privacy while also controlling who can see and interact with the account. It is important to consider the various impacts to one’s online profile before making the transition.

2. How is the Visibility of an Instagram Profile Affected by Going Private?

When a social media user opts to go private on Instagram, their profile visibility gets significantly reduced. Generally, such users are visible only to their approved followers and they cannot be found through hashtag search or by users browsing through public accounts.

Making one’s account private can be beneficial when the user wants to share their photos and stories more selectively. This option enables them to control who can view their account, photos and stories. However, it can also come with some drawbacks.

  • Loss of Visibility: Going private on Instagram hides the profile from the public and new users cannot find it without an invitation. This may cause a significant reduction in the user’s profile engagement, as well as an overall loss of followers and visibility.
  • Potential Disappointment: Even after someone gets access to a private account, they may not find content that’s interesting or engaging. This can lead to the follower losing interest in the account after they were initially willing to invest in it.
  • Apps and Sites: Some third-party apps and websites cannot access private accounts. This includes any app or website that wants to track and analyze user engagement with the account.

In conclusion, going private on Instagram can give users a sense of control over who views their content, but it can also dramatically reduce their profile’s visibility. It is always recommended to be cautious and to carefully consider the pros and cons of this decision before making a move.

3. What Are The Benefits of Putting an Instagram Account on Private?

Accessible to Moderated Followers Only
One of the key benefits to putting an Instagram account on private is that you can selectively choose who can see your posts. Only people that you have approved as followers can view your content, which gives you an added level of security and privacy. With a public profile, your content is shared with people outside of your immediate social circle—even complete strangers. With a private profile, you can control which people have access to your posts.

Reduced Pressure for Constant Posting
Having a private profile can also take away some of the pressure to constantly post content. Social media users naturally strive to produce content that is popular, creative and timely, taking away focus from the content itself. People often feel a heightened pressure to follow trends and fashions as they are released. For those who would rather post content at their own pace, controlling who can see their posts can reduce pressure to constantly post.

A Place to Share Personal Experiences
A private Instagram profile allows you the freedom to post more personal experiences and share them with a select group of people. This is especially beneficial for users who would rather not put their content out for everyone to see. For example, family, friends or significant others could have access to your posts but other prying eyes won’t. Here you can post photos, videos or stories that you would like your approved followers to see—without any fear of judgement from outsiders.

4. What Are The Drawbacks of Making an Instagram Account Private?

Limitation of Interaction

An important aspect of any social media platform is the ability to interact with others. If an Instagram account is made private, potential followers are required to submit a request before they can view the account, granting the individual full control of who can view their posts and profile. Consequently, this creates a more limited social experience due to limitations in the growth of followers.

Reduced Exposure

The private setting on Instagram restricts potential users from exploring the conversations and activities that are taking place in an individual’s account. This greatly limits an individual’s visibility to other users and as such, reduces the potential of developing new relationships and expanding their reach within the Instagram community.

Compliance with Regulations

Instagram accounts are subject to the privacy regulations of both the market where the account is registered and the country from which the account is accessed. This means that an individual who makes their Instagram account private may still be subject to the provisions of these regulations which could still give access to the user’s content to specific individuals or entities. This means that even though the account is private, access to certain pieces of information is still permissible by law.

5. What Type of Content Can Still be Shared After Making an Instagram Account Private?

Posting your Photos

One type of content you can still share after making your Instagram account private is your own photos. You can control who has access to these pictures and videos by setting your account to private, preventing anyone who is not following you from viewing content. Images you post on your account can be liked and commented upon by your approved followers, similar to if it were a public account.

Posting Content by Others

Though you may not be able to post content from other public accounts, you can still repost content from accounts you follow. Content from other accounts is repostable, regardless of the account’s privacy setting. So, if you wanted to share a picture from a friend’s private account, you can. Your followers will still be able to view and comment on it.

Story Posts

Instagram Stories are an especially useful feature in relation to private accounts. These posts are visible to all followers, excluding any users you have blocked or created a “Close Friends” list for. If you’d rather not share content publicly, you can use Instagram stories as a way to interact with followers, as no one else will be able to view them unless you invite them.

You can even choose the audience you would like to view the content by restricting the Story’s visibility to specific people. This allows you to share content in a more private setting and limit audience members.

The content you can share after making an Instagram account private is still varied. Posting photos, reposting other accounts’ content, and utilizing Instastories are great ways to remain social and continue to interact with followers. It is clear then, that when you decide to go private on Instagram, your current followers will remain unless they decide to unfollow you. Overall, this could be beneficial in some cases, but it is ultimately something to consider carefully before taking the plunge.

As a result, it is best to think through the pros and cons and decide what is best for your Instagram profile. With this in mind, you can make the most educated decision for your account and ensure that your followers are kept in the know about what your followership is doing.